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Emergency Dentistry

We try to always leave a chair open in our schedule so we can see patients with emergencies on the same day. We also have a 24/7 text hotline in case something happens after-hours: (626) 538-5507

Why are you in pain?

Exam & Testing

There are many sources of pain in your mouth from periodontal (gum) issues to cavities to TMJ pain to nerve pain. Before discussing treatment options, we will take X-rays and conduct several tests to figure out what is wrong and we will do our best to take you out of pain so you can sleep peacefully or go back to working on the same day.

Tooth fell out?

Tooth Reimplantation

Time is of the essence! If you or your child gets a tooth knocked out, immediately store the tooth in milk or saline. Try to handle it only by the crown (actual tooth part) and not the root. Immediately book an appointment. Success is very much dependent on how quickly you can come see us to reimplant the tooth!

If you crack a tooth

Crown, Bridge, Veneers

Taking care of a cracked tooth is urgent and immediate treatment could possibly save the tooth from infection or worse. Book an appointment today if you feel you fractured a tooth. We also perform bridges which can be a less costly way to replace a missing tooth vs. an implant.

Even some wisdom teeth

Extractions and Bone Grafting

We love saving teeth, but when they are restorable and broken down, they can often be prone to infections. We can perform many wisdom teeth extractions as well and our in-house specialist can even provide IV sedation so you can be as relaxed as possible during the procedure. Bone grafting is key to improve the prognosis of an implant.

Fillings without the drill

Silver Diamine Fluoride

If you have high dental anxiety or need to save up for definitive treatment, we are empathetic and have possible solutions that can help. Often used in dental missions around the world, Silver Diamine Fluoride can potentially stop the spread of a cavity, buying you time for definitive treatment. It’s great to prevent the need for a root canal (temporarily) and for children intolerant of any drilling.

If caught early enough

Filling Restorations

If you are diligent with checkups and experience sudden pain, most of the time, all you need is a filing for a small cavity. Our thorough exam will point out the source and severity of your pain to confirm. We also carry bioactive materials such as Fuji glass ionomers that have been proven to be great for deeper cavities and remineralizing teeth. We also never use mercury in our fillings.

If you have sensitive teeth


Our thorough exam will identify the source of your pain and we can present you with treatment plan options once we have all the information. But, one treatment option that is available in our clinic that is not available in many others is desensitizer. Two coats of dentin desensitizer are applied to areas such as exposed roots near the gum lines that are sensitive to cold, heat, or teeth brushing. This is a great conservative and affordable option to treat sensitivity.

If you have a cavity to the pulp


If your tooth is infected and you choose to restore it instead of an extraction, a root canal is likely. However, there are other options such as indirect or direct pulp capping that we can try. These treatment alternatives have high success rates and we can discuss these options with you in detail if they are relevant to your case.

You are in control


Your first appointment


Like mentioned above, we need to identify the source of your pain. We do this with X-rays and several tests that can narrow down whether the problem is periodontal (gum), odontogenic (tooth), TMJ, etc. in nature or even multi-faceted. Emergency exams are not our comprehensive exams. We will only have time to look at one issue.


Almost every insurance accepted


After the exam, Donna, our front desk receptionist, will clearly provide prices for any treatment you need and desire to do. Our clinic accepts almost every single dental insurance. Additionally, we are a partner with Care Credit and can provide up to 12 months of interest free financing!

On your next appointment


We will do our best to take you out of pain and perform definitive treatment on the same day. In dentistry, definitive treatment (and not painkillers) is often the only way to take you out of pain. If we are unable to help you, we have a strong referral network with only the best specialists in the area and we have developed good relationships with them so they will be more inclined to see you on the same day.

Need something else?


Treating all children ages 1+


Getting kids into the dentist office early is important. Some of the things we look for are possible speech impediments, early cavities, and proper teeth alignment. For kids that cannot tolerate needles or drills, we have solutions such as Silver Diamine Fluoride™ which arrests cavities without the use of a drill!

Not sure about a treatment plan?


We are more than happy to give second opinions through a free 15 minute consult. Often times, we can schedule you in on the same day. Call our office to see if there are available appointments.

Upgrade your smile


It is our passion to make sure you not only have a healthy smile, but also love to show it off! Explore all the options we have from teeth whitening to a full mouth make over.

Take a full tour of your mouth


Prevention is essential to your oral health (and almost always 100% covered). Come take a full tour of your mouth and discover any issues before they get worse. Book an appointment today! 

You are in good hands




It’s not just Dr. Irawan who loves dentistry. Our staff does too! And they’ve been doing it for a long time so you are in great hands.



Dr. Irawan comes from a family of dentists: both his parents and an uncle/aunt. He is excited to carry on the tradition!



We don’t think patients deserve to be sitting in a dental chair waiting where their dentist went. We only have 3 dental chairs in our office, one of which is usually kept open for emergencies, to make sure you don’t feel rushed and that you get the attention you deserve.



We know your time is just as valuable as ours and we appreciate you showing up on time to your appointment. If you have to wait more than 15 minutes for your appointment, Dr. Irawan will personally come out to apologize and offer a chance to reschedule.

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