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Pediatric Dentistry

Our goals are: to get kids comfortable with the dentist from an early age, to inspire kids to have proper oral hygiene, and to screen/correct problems early before they get worse.


Comprehensive Exam & Treatment

Exams are a great chance for your child to get comfortable with the dentist before any treatment is done. Just like adults, we will take your child on a full tour of their mouth and evaluate each tooth for its health. And just like adults, we only use low-dose, high-resolution digital xrays (which have around 10x less radiation than film). Exams also include oral hygiene instructions and nutrition counseling. Typically, we can do a cleaning on the same day.

Don’t compromise on crooked teeth


We are proud to be Invisalign™ certified. Every case is different, but often times, it can now treat better, faster, and safer than conventional metal braces partly due to its world-class software that has millions of simulations in its database. Also no more sharp wires sticking your gums!

For gummy smiles and small-appearing teeth

Laser Gingivectomy

The old way to fix a gummy smile was to use a sharp scalpel. In our office, we use a soft-tissue laser instead, which often does not even require local anesthesia. It will also be nearly blood-free as the laser cauterizes as it cuts.

To replace a tooth esthetically

Laser Frenectomy

A large frenulum is often found in between two front teeth or under a tongue (eg. tongue-tied). A overly large frenulum under the tongue can cause speech issues while one between two front teeth can create a diastema (otherwise known as a gap). With a laser, treatment often requires no anesthesia and will involve no bleeding. We will provide vitamin E gels to speed healing and that’s it!

For thumb sucking children

Habit Deterrants

Thumb-sucking can severely alter a child’s bite. It can flare teeth out and create an open bite where the top and bottom teeth do not touch. We can provide devices that will deter children from many detrimental habits as well as educate and encourage them to stop.

Fillings without the drill

Silver Diamine Fluoride

If your child has high dental anxiety or you need to save up for their definitive treatment, we are empathetic and have possible solutions that can help. Often used in dental missions around the world, Silver Diamine Fluoride can potentially stop the spread of a cavity, buying you time for definitive treatment. It’s great to prevent cavities from spreading to the nerve (temporarily) and for children intolerant of any drilling.

No mercury, no problem

Filling Restorations or Pulpal Treatment

The tooth above on the right used to have a cavity similar to the tooth on the left. While there are techniques to prevent mercury fillings from being toxic, our office only uses esthetically designed resin fillings. If your child’s cavity is deep, we may need to do a pulpectomy or pulpotomy (similar to an adult’s root canal). Regular checkups are critical to prevent cavities from getting to this point.

If teeth are unrestorable

Extractions and Space Maintainer

If your child’s tooth is hopeless or an adult tooth needs to erupt, we can perform extractions. If your child prematurely loses a baby tooth, it is important for us to maintain that space to help guide the adult tooth to its appropriate location when the time comes for it to erupt.

You are in control


Your child’s first appointment


Our first exam can be on infants as young as one year old. At this age, appointment is meant more to teach you, the parent, about infant oral healthcare and for your child to get comfortable with the dentist. We also will educate you on detrimental habits such as thumb-sucking. It is important you help your child with brushing until at least 6 years old. If your child is around 6-12, we can take a look at the potential for teeth alignment through Invisalign as well as any regular definitive treatment such as fillings, pulpal therapy, extractions, etc.


Almost every insurance accepted


After the exam, Donna, our front desk receptionist, will clearly provide prices for any treatment your child needs and you desire to do. Our clinic accepts almost every single dental insurance. Additionally, we are a partner with Care Credit and can provide up to 12 months of interest free financing!

On your next appointment


For younger children, morning appointments are best. Additionally, we find children behave more when they are just by themselves or with you in the room. Once siblings are in the room, everyone (including Dr. Irawan and the staff) tend to horseplay instead of doing dentistry 🙂

Need something else?


Upgrade your smile


It is our passion to make sure you not only have a healthy smile, but also love to show it off! Explore all the options we have from teeth whitening to a full mouth make over.

Not sure about a treatment plan?


We are more than happy to give second opinions through a free 15 minute consult. Often times, we can schedule you in on the same day. Call our office to see if there are available appointments.

If you are in pain and cannot sleep


We know how challenging it can be to live life or even sleep with a toothache. We like to always try to keep one dental chair open for emergencies so we can see you today. Be sure to book an appointment as early as you can as spots often fill up.

Take a full tour of your mouth


Prevention is essential to your oral health (and almost always 100% covered). Come take a full tour of your mouth and discover any issues before they get worse. Book an appointment today! 

You are in good hands




It’s not just Dr. Irawan who loves dentistry. Our staff does too! And they’ve been doing it for a long time so you are in great hands.



Dr. Irawan comes from a family of dentists: both his parents and an uncle/aunt. He is excited to carry on the tradition!



We don’t think patients deserve to be sitting in a dental chair waiting where their dentist went. We only have 3 dental chairs in our office, one of which is usually kept open for emergencies, to make sure you don’t feel rushed and that you get the attention you deserve.



We know your time is just as valuable as ours and we appreciate you showing up on time to your appointment. If you have to wait more than 15 minutes for your appointment, Dr. Irawan will personally come out to apologize and offer a chance to reschedule.

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